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Cuttle Cart 3

CC3 Menu Screen

For the Intellivision


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Cuttle Cart 3
Cuttle Cart 3
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Intellivision Lives CD Cover

Intellivision Rocks CD Cover

What is it?

The Cuttle Cart 3 (CC3) is an Intellivision cartridge that can emulate other cartridges. It is designed to work with the Intellivision Lives and Intellivision Rocks CDs available from Intellivision Productions. It allows you to play the games on those CDs on a REAL Intellivision - the way they were designed to be played. Multiple games can be loaded into the CC3, and the games can then be chosen from an on screen menu.

Once the games are loaded into the CC3 there is no further need for a connection to your computer. The CC3 is self contained. Just plug it into your Intellivision, pick your game, and play.

It can also be used as a development tool and distribution medium for new games, using freely available development software.

You choose the games!

Which games are available from the CC3's menu is up to you, as you load the games you desire onto a MicroSD Card which is then inserted into the CC3. The game files are the same ROM images one would use to play the games in an emulator, such as those available on the Intellivision Lives and Intellivision Rocks CDs from Intellivision Productions Inc.

You also decide what order the games will appear in the menu, and what they will be called. List them alphabetically, group all of your favorites together, or both. Even divide them into separate menus and link the menus together however you wish.

Cuttle Cart 3 manual display.
Manual Display
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Game manuals too!

Game manuals or overlays can also be stored on the MicroSD Card in ASCII text format for display on the Intellivision. (Note: ASCII versions of the overlays and manuals are not provided by Schell's Electronics.)

User settings page.
User Settings
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Color settings page.
Color Settings
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User selectable settings!

Don't like the default color scheme? No problem, change it to a scheme that you prefer. Like to pick up where you left off? Have the cart remember the menu position of the last game you played or manual your viewed, and start at the same spot the next time you load the Cuttle Cart 3. Or, if you have all your favorites at the start of the menu, leave this setting off and start near your favorites every time.

Easily upgradeable!

The Cuttle Cart 3 is easily upgradeable. The menu software can be updated by loading a new version onto the MicroSD Card and then flashing it to the cartridge using the built in flash routines. There's even a backup boot system to allow one to recover from an error during a flash update (such as a power failure.)


  • Works with Intellivision I, II, III, Intellivoice, and the ECS
  • Fits inside a standard Intellivision Cartridge
  • Backwards compatible with the Intellicart
  • Reads FAT-16 and FAT-32 formatted MicroSD cards. These are the standard formats for MicroSD cards when purchased, or existing MicroSD cards can be formatted by most operating systems.
  • Menu software is user upgradeable.
  • Menus and other screens are all controllable using either controller.
  • GUI Based Menu Editor/Game Importer for Win32, Linux, and Mac-OS X.

Details for Game Programmers

  • 64Kx16 bit SRAM for loading games.
  • Emulates both GI ROM and 16-Bit and 8-Bit GI RAM.
  • Bankswitching to allow programmers access to the full 64K for new games.
  • RS-232 Serial connection for communicating directly with a computer for developer purposes. Serial connection has auto baud rate detection from 300 to 115200 baud. (Serial cable is not included, but schematics are provided in the manual.)

Common Questions:

How does one load games onto the Cuttle Cart 3?

The games must be loaded onto the MicroSD Card using a MicroSD card reader/writer. Most MicroSD cards come with an adapter to allow them to be used in standard SD Card devices. Standard SD card reader/writers are commonly available as USB devices for connection to a PC. They run about $15.00.

As an alternative for game developers, a single game at a time can be loaded into the CC3's SRAM using the serial connection. (Schematics for the serial cable are in the manual, cable not included.) The serial mode does not require that a MicroSD card be installed in the CC3. The serial mode cannot be used to load games onto the MicroSD card. Games loaded via serial port are erased from the CC3 memory as soon as the Intellivision is turned off.

Are there any games that won't work?

World Series Major League Baseball will not properly with the Intellivoice because it requires special bankswitching and the extra portion of the ROM containing much of the voice information is not legally available. Other games might be found to be incompatible as well, especially any prototypes discovered that use the same bankswitching as WSMLB.

How many games can it hold?

It can easily hold the entire Intellivision Library many times over using a 16MB or larger MicroSD card.

Does it come with a warranty?

The Cuttle Cart 3, like all Schell's Electronics products, comes with a 90 day warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

What's a MicroSD Card, where can I get one?

Update Nov 6, 2009 - CC3 now comes with a MicroSD card included.

A MicroSD Card is a particular type of flash memory card, most commonly used in cell phones. It is also known as a Transflash card. These are very small cards.

Please be sure you get a *MICRO*SD card, not a MiniSD, or normal SD card. The MicroSD is the smallest of the three, and the only one that will work with the CC3.

MicroSD cards are available at most big electronics stores and many department stores, such as Best Buy or Walmart in the USA. They are available online starting at about $10.00 as well.

Note: The CC3 will only work with MicroSD cards built to the 1.0 spec, which limits the cards to capacities of 1GB or smaller. I recommend using cards between 32MB-512MB in size, and from a name brand, such as Lexar or SanDisk. For the record, I built the CC3 using SanDisk's literature and SanDisk cards. (16MB cards work as well, but require special formatting instructions under Windows to be used with the CC3.)

Also please note that MicroSDHC cards are not backwards compatible with MicroSD cards. MicroSDHC cards will NOT work in the CC3. Any card over 1GB in size is either a MicroSDHC or a non 1.0 standards compliant MicroSD card and will almost certainly NOT work in the CC3.

Sold Out

As of May 24, 2012, the CC3 is sold out and there are no plans to make more.

What you get:

  • Cuttle Cart 3 Cartridge - Bare board with no cartridge case.
  • Label for applying to a cartridge case.
  • MicroSD Card with SD Card Adapter.

What you need in addition to this to use the CC3:

All sales final. No refunds.

Cuttle Cart 3's are Sold Out and Discontinued